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The adaptation

»I do not go to the cinema to find my environment, as if one had made a plaster print and cast a copy of it.
I go to the cinema to gain a wondered and wary look at things that slip away from me, on human circumstances, sights of cities, landscapes, a keen eye on the beauties of the faces and their wildness, on what in everyday life flashes up so briefly that one can not perceive it as wild and unruly.

Sometimes I want to know something about the abysses, which I avoid in everyday life and yet do not forget. Sometimes I want to know if there still is consolation, where I am afraid of desolation, whether there is a happiness I have never thought of.
I am very pleased that the film “Die Habenichtse” has become such a film. And that the novel has induced that, makes me happy.« Katharina Hacker